New Horizons

March 18, 2018

I have received a longed-for invitation.  I will be travelling to Melbourne every week for the next three months to bring a long-held dream to life: developing a range of indigenous Australian products that make people healthier. 


This research is work that I have been undertaking in conjunction with my popcorn, and I think the two projects are complementary.  Farmers are in a rare position of being able to enact practices that can benefit both our land and our consumers.  The more creative and forward-looking we can be, the greater the impact we can make.  It will be wonderful working with experts in the field to create something worthwhile.



I also have the joy of watching my crop of popcorn mature.  I checked on it with a friend this week, and was delighted to find that the little cobs have a luminous purple-blue colour.  Watching the cycle of growth, from seed to plant to harvest is a humbling reminder of the exquisite diversity and drive to creation that surrounds us everywhere on the planet.



These new opportunities will present a balancing act.  Our Sunday on the farm has been a welcome day to pause and meet the new calves born over the past week.  Their mothers are protective and caring; the calves hungry, demanding, and utterly adorable.



In two weeks' time, my Sundays will be spent driving five hours to Melbourne.  Guests and suggestions for podcasts welcome!  I have set my priorities, though, and the people I love will always be travellers on this journey with me, one way or another.





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